Survey, Bottom Job 2 and 2 BOATs for thru-hulls

Just had a survey completed by Peter Minkwitz a Marine Surveyor. No issues found (phew!) apart from a corroded below the waterline thru-hull. To be extra safe I am replacing all the other 7 "below the waterline" thru hulls to add to the other 3 I replaced in March… Unfortunately it will cost 2 B.O.A.Ts 🙁 They definitely chose the right word for BOAT (Bring On Another Thousand)..

Also getting the bottom job done with 2 coats of Petit Trindad Pro. This time I wasn't doing it myself. Don't want to lose friends 😉 While I am doing the bottom job I am also getting the waterline raised by about an inch. The crazy thing is that I may need to put 300 feet of chain at the bow just to balance the boat fore and aft.. I was so focused earlier on reducing weight at the bow..

Stops today after sanding off the old paint, new paint goes on tomorrow..


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