Bye Bye Nixon..

Sold "Nixon was Cool…" my racing J/24 this past weekend. Had some amazing experiences on that boat, sorry to see it go. At least it is staying relatively local (Lake Tahoe)..  onto new adventures..

Our first regatta in 2004, photograph taken by Latitude 38 on a sunny, breezy San Francisco day.


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Author: Chet

Avid sailor.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Nixon..”

  1. Chet I remember that day, that race, and that photo well. We certainly have missed competing against you and your crew out on the bay. Congrats on the Ha-Ha and damn I am envious of your current traveling!

  2. Hey Mark,

    I remember that day too.. You are just behind us in that photo. I miss racing you guys. Hope you had a great summer season.

    Come visit in Mexico. I am going to be here until April or so. Thinking about doing the puddle jump after that.


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