Day 13: Starting to cross the doldrums!

Today we passed 128W longitude and are now heading south to cross the convergence zone (Doldrums).. Dun DUNN DUNNNN!

Everything looks good to cross:

1) The GRIB weather files are showing 8-10 knots of breeze all the way to the equator, which would be amazing except the computer models that produce the GRIB files don’t model the convergence zone all that well. But here is wishing for them to be accurate!

2) The latest NWS forecasts have been showing the convergence zone moving back down to 3N over the last 2 days which exactly what we want. The last thing we need is to pick it up here at 7N and then have it move down with calms and squalls all the way to the equator, me no likey.

3) The NWS forecasts are showing no convection west of 120W for the last 2 days.. In fact the latest NWS forecast showed the convergence zone stopped at 110W! Weird.

4) Infrared satellite images of the north pacific I downloaded via radiofax are showing minimal cloud cover (convection) in our crossing area.

5) Our pet hamster said the Doldrums are dudu

This looks so good that I am wondering if Neptune is being kind to us or luring us into a trap.. we will find out soon.. Dun DUNN DUNNNN!

Another light wind day, 7-8 knots of breeze, but averaged 5-6 knots with the asymmetric spinnaker all day. The sun was shining, seas were flat apart from a 4ft long swell. Wonderful day sailing in the pacific! It’s amazing to think we are just a tiny speck in this vast ocean.

Today we came up our best money making scheme so far to fund our cruising lifestyle.. A floating diesel pump and convenience store in the doldrums! We figure we could charge $25/gallon for diesel, $50 for ice, $30 for frozen margaritas.. and deliver it to your transom when you are floating in dead calm.. Any investors?

Caught another mahi mahi today.. The fish tally is up to 9!

All is well and enjoying the pacifying pacific..

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