Day 15: Warm showers in the Doldrums

Still in the Doldrums, sailing in light winds and motoring when it completely dies. Latest NWS forecasts put the Doldrums up at 5N and we are currently at 03*37N, so we may be out of it.. but the thing can move 120 miles in 12 hours, so you never know..

Had 3 showers today.. can’t get enough, need to make up for lost showers on the passage so far 😉 We had a few warm rain squalls today and soon as they arrive, we get into our swimming trunks and enjoy the cool showers. Our attempts at rain catching to fill the water tanks didn’t work too well. Need more practice…

Alas, no fishy today but we made a new lure with a flying fish that landed on the deck!

All is well and enjoying the wet pacific..

[Post by HF radio email]

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