Day 17: Almost at the Equator!

We are only 70 miles from the equator, still in the Doldrums sailing and motoring in fickle winds. We have been using the rain squalls to get more wind to sail!

Last night and today the sky cleared up and we thought we were done with the convergence zone convection.. Alas, the last couple of NWS forecast put the convergence zone below the equator at 129W just next to us. I have been following the convergence zone data daily for almost a month and this is the first time it has gone below the equator. It moved from 5N in the space of 12 hours. Crazy stuff. Must mean Neptune is not happy with us, and we are just coming up to the equator crossing! We will have to be extra nice to him.. only the best liquor on the boat!

Alas, no fishy today, but a flying fish landed on my lap on my night watch! Alas, too small to eat but making a lure from it.

All is well and enjoying the windless pacific..

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