Day 19: Hello south east trades!

We are finally in the south east trades, at about 8 knots! It was amazing the way it filled in last night on my watch just as I contemplating using our dwindling supply of diesel (down to about 17 gallons now) to head south because both the latest NWS forecast and pacific surface analysis weatherfax showed it sitting just above us at the equator. At about 1am a rain squall came through and I decided to ride it as far as I could under sail before switching on the engine.. The squall went by in about 15 mins, and we still had wind.. I saw another squall close by and thought the wind was coming from it.. An hour later I started to get real excited.. we were in the south east trades finally!!! I started dancing in the cockpit! I stayed up way past my watch until 4am, enjoying the boat glide through the flat seas doing about 6-7 knots in 8-11 knots of breeze.. I woke up a lot more cheerful this morning..

Looks like we are still not out of the woods yet because the convergence zone is sitting on the equator and could drop below the equator like it did a couple of days ago. Today we have been going south to try and get more distance between us and it. The GRIB files also show developed trade winds at 3 degrees south, so getting a little southing early to get to this breeze before heading for Nuku Hiva.

Made 20 pancakes for lunch today and for dinner Glenda cooked up some chicken quesadilla’s with a spicy bean soup! Yum yum..

No fishy 🙁 Our B team lures are not doing the trick..

All is well and enjoying the south pacific breeze!

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