Day 20: Only 500 miles to go to the Marquesas!

We are now in the developed trades, after making a lot of southing last night to get to 3 degrees south. Averaging 6-7 knots of speed with only 500 miles to go to Nuku Hiva!!! Looks like we will make landfall on the 15th.. or the 16th if we get there too late in the evening and need to stand off until the next morning. Only 4 days to go!!

I am really excited about getting to the beautiful islands and looking forward to many things..steak, ice cream, frozen margaritas, nice showers..ok too many to list.. Weirdly though, I am also hesitant for this passage to end. The ocean has been really beautiful and the sailing amazing.. We have really got into a daily routine that has gelled. I don’t know when I will make another long ocean crossing again, and that thought is making me relish every minute of these last few days.. I didn’t think I would feel this way at the end when I started the passage, I thought I would be gagging to get to land.. Maybe we should just keep going 😉

Saw a ship, a rainbow and school of mini jumping dolphins (I think) today.. still trying to figure out what they are.. alas, can’t google the answer here..

No fishy 🙁 Our B team lures are still not doing the trick..

All is well and enjoying the south pacific breeze!

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