Day 22: 36 hours to landfall in the Marquesas!

Getting very close, Nuku Hiva is now only 180 nautical miles away!!

Nuku Hiva, Marquesas (destination): 180 nautical miles
La Cruz, Mexico (origin): 2527 nautical miles

Had another great day in terms of mileage, doing 165 miles in a 24 hour period! We had 14-17 knots of breeze sailing on a close reach doing 6.5 to 7 knots. I guess Stops wants to get to an anchorage quickly to take a rest after sailing 2900 miles!

This morning we had a pod of 30 small dolphins sail with us for an hour or so.. It was amazing to watch them zig zag at our bow. Eventually I think they got tired of our slow 7 knot pace, they must have going at 12-15 knots..

We have been working hard on the big bonito we caught yesterday. Cyrille cooked up fish tacos for lunch, and Glenda cooked up a coconut ginger fish dish for dinner that was a bit of an experiment but turned out great.. We still only half done with the fish, need to dream up some new dishes.. Any suggestions?

Fishing is on hold until we eat our big Bonito..

All is well and starting to count down the hours to landfall!

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