Day 23: LAND AHOY! LAND AHOY!! Sighted land after 22 days at sea

We sighted Ua Huka island in the Marquesas at 00:23 Zulu!! It was an amazing sight to see land again after 22 days. I had read about this moment in so many sailing books, it was surreal to be in it, living it right now.. I had to planned to start scanning the horizon closely at 7pm as we got within 25 miles of Ua Huka. As I got up from a nap at 6:20pm, I had a look and lo and behold saw a faint silhouette of land. I screamed LAND AHOY!!!, which promptly brought Cyrille and Glenda up on deck. Cyrille spotted it immediately, it took Glenda a few minutes. We were estatic and had a toast of pacifico to celebrate the moment, a moment I am sure we will remember for the rest of our lives..

Nuku Hiva the island we are going to is 25 miles west from Ua Huka but we are going heave-to in the lee of Ua Huka until first light. We will then head for Taiohae bay in Nuku Hiva to make landfall.

Can’t wait!!!!

All is well and starting to count down the seconds to landfall!

[Post by HF radio email]

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