Pacific Crossing Posts – March/April 2011

Recap: Pacific crossing photos & video..

Day 24: Landfall!! Anchored in Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva!

Day 23: LAND AHOY! LAND AHOY!! Sighted land after 22 days at sea

Day 22: 36 hours to landfall in the Marquesas!

Day 21: Caught our biggest fish yet.!

Day 20: Only 500 miles to go to the Marquesas!

Day 19: Hello south east trades!

Day 18: Swam across the Equator and three shellbacks are born!

Day 17: Almost at the Equator!

Day 16: Less than 1000 miles to the Marquesas!

Day 15: Warm showers in the Doldrums

Day 14: Sailing slow in the Doldrums

Day 13: Starting to cross the doldrums!

Day 12: Half way to the Marquesas!

Day 11: Converging on the convergence zone (the Doldrums)

Day 10: A gybe and a suntan!

Day 9: 1200 miles done!

Day 6: UFO sighting!

Day 5: Angry Birds in the pacific

Day 4: Caught two fish today!

Day 1: 1 down 20 to go..

… and we are off.. bye bye mexico, hello big blue!

Prepping to cross the pacific ocean

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