Exploring the Marquesas


Only a few hours after landfall in the Marquesas and Glenda was already polynesian! Wearing a flower like all the local women do..


We explored the small town of Taiohae in Nuku Hiva which is the official capital of the Marquesas. Lots of interesting tikis..


Up early at 5:30am getting french subsidised baguettes from the bakery.. the bakery was only open from 5am to 7am, the saturday vegetable market from 4am-7am.. Church on sunday is at 7:30am.. Haven't these guys heard of sleeping-in !@#$%@#$!  oh and check out the phone booth in the background that is installed in the middle of the field..


 We went hiking up to the top of the hill to Muake to see the waterfalls..


 ..and to see a sweeping view of Taiohae Bay where we were anchored..


A bull on the side of the road.. we also saw many horses just tied to the side of the road.. very peculiar…

We got drenched coming back down on our hike. It's rained so much that week we started calling Taiohae Bay, Rainy bay..


Dinner with Gary from S/V Dash, Raul from S/V Gracie as well as RB and friend from S/V Lardo.. The restaurants were not cheap like Mexico..


Fish curry dinner on Stops with new friends (Geordie & Rachel) who were delivering a 47ft cat to Australia. We also had S/V Songline and S/V Lardo for dinner on Stops, which was a lot of fun.


 Cyrille wearing high-tech sailing headgear as we approach Anaho bay on the other side of Nuku Hiva.


Amazingly beautiful Anaho bay, unfortunately these pictures don't do it justice. It is one of the most beautiful anchorages I have ever been too..

The pristine beach at Anaho..


We hiked up to the top of the ridge to see a sweeping view of Anaho bay (Stops is one of the boats anchored)..


There were so many mango trees on the hike. Here I am knocking some of the mangoes out of the trees with a stick.. We ate so many it almost made us ill..


 Tikis at the Hikoku'a Tohua ruins near Anaho..


 Try and guess what's happening in this tiki.. here is a clue, it's a fertility statue..


 A partially restored dwelling..


 Te I'ipoka Me'ae where many human sacrifices were made to the goddess Te Vana'uau'a.


The victims were kept in this pit beneath the banyan tree until their turn arrived to be consumed at cannibal feasts.. we cheated death again!


Stops from the top of the mast! No swell in Anaho bay so we fixed the windicator that the birds attacked on the pacific crossing.

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