Nail-biting finish for the Vendee.. Go Alex!!

It’s incredible that after 20,000 miles of racing, the top two boats are only 100 miles or so apart. With less than a week and 2000 miles to go, I think Alex has a real chance to win. First Armel has sailed into a hole and the winds look lighter further ahead, so Alex has a chance to gain some miles.

The real opportunity for Alex seems to the big wind that they will enter in the next couple of days. Alex’s boat which is more of a radical design by VPLP sails faster in heavy air and with his starboard foil intact he should be faster that Armel on the last stretch. So if he can get closer, he could win. This would be historic because the french have always won the Vendee, the reason being that all the technology and the know how is shared between the french sailors and not easily accessible to outsiders. So for Alex to win, it would truly be against the odds and a coup against the french mafia. Viva roast beef!! 🙂

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Author: Chet

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