Last sail on Secret Agent Man :-(

I can’t believe I have owned SAM for 5 years, time flies when you are having fun! I would be sailing her (him?) for the last time, dropping her off at the broker’s dock in Alameda to be listed for sale.

Sausalito sunrise on SAM. Early start to sort out all the gear on the boat and clean the dreaded dock box..

Peter joined me for the epic final voyage..

Thank the gods it wasn’t raining. Glorious day for sailing in late January. Sunny, 9-13 knots of breeze!

Won’t be seeing this particular view of Alcatraz again..

SAM at the brokers dock in Alameda safe and sound. Brought back memories of when I left Sudden Stops Necessary with the broker in Sydney.

A toast to SAM. Had some amazing times on her, she/he will be sorely missed 🙂

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