J/92 Secret Agent Man is for sale!


I have put Secret Agent Man up for sale with Norm at Sailcal, the J/boats dealer for northern california. I bought the boat from Norm 5 years ago so he knows the boat well 🙂 I really enjoyed SAM over the years but having moved to Amsterdam, it didn’t make sense to keep her.

Here is the Brokerage listing at SailCal asking for $44,900

I bought SAM because I like fast boats and boy is she fast (and rated really well at PHRF 105).  She is the perfect boat for San Francisco Bay where you can sail all year round if you can move in light airs. She does that really well, doing 5 knots on a close reach with only 6 knots of breeze! I raced her a little in the midwinters but mostly sailed her in the bay either single-handed or with crew.

She/he is in very good condition with lots of recent updates. I installed new Raymarine i70 instruments, transducers and an X-5 autopilot in 2012. She has a lightly used set of North racing sails and big cruising inventory, so perfect if want you to race or do some performance cruising in the bay.

Last sail on Secret Agent Man :-(

I can’t believe I have owned SAM for 5 years, time flies when you are having fun! I would be sailing her (him?) for the last time, dropping her off at the broker’s dock in Alameda to be listed for sale.

Sausalito sunrise on SAM. Early start to sort out all the gear on the boat and clean the dreaded dock box..

Peter joined me for the epic final voyage..

Thank the gods it wasn’t raining. Glorious day for sailing in late January. Sunny, 9-13 knots of breeze!

Won’t be seeing this particular view of Alcatraz again..

SAM at the brokers dock in Alameda safe and sound. Brought back memories of when I left Sudden Stops Necessary with the broker in Sydney.

A toast to SAM. Had some amazing times on her, she/he will be sorely missed 🙂

Nail-biting finish for the Vendee.. Go Alex!!

It’s incredible that after 20,000 miles of racing, the top two boats are only 100 miles or so apart. With less than a week and 2000 miles to go, I think Alex has a real chance to win. First Armel has sailed into a hole and the winds look lighter further ahead, so Alex has a chance to gain some miles.

The real opportunity for Alex seems to the big wind that they will enter in the next couple of days. Alex’s boat which is more of a radical design by VPLP sails faster in heavy air and with his starboard foil intact he should be faster that Armel on the last stretch. So if he can get closer, he could win. This would be historic because the french have always won the Vendee, the reason being that all the technology and the know how is shared between the french sailors and not easily accessible to outsiders. So for Alex to win, it would truly be against the odds and a coup against the french mafia. Viva roast beef!! 🙂

Secret Agent Man graces San Francisco bay

Finally got around to putting the name on my new J/92 sailboat, Secret Agent Man. It had to be three worded to keep with tradition and I didn't want to go with Never Again III (which was more apt). My previous boats were all three worded "Sudden Stops Necessary" and "Nixon was cool.." (which I didn't name, I am a liberal!)

Secret Agent Man sporting it's new name.. She/he is a J/92 with a bowsprit for an asymetrical kite.

SAM in yard
Secret Agent Man at Svendsons getting the bottom painted and a new flex-o-fold folding propellor installed.

Track of S/V Sudden Stops Necessary from San Francisco to Sydney

Finally put together the 12,000 nautical mile track of Stops from San Francisco all the way to Sydney using the yotreps position reports I posted once a day when we were on a passage and every time we made landfall.

Click on this link to bring up the interactive track of S/V Sudden Stops Necessary in Google maps

Clicking on the position reports (red dots) on the track brings up the yotreps data. It’s funny to read some of the commentary I put in with the reports…

Only half way around the world…

Sudden Stops Necessary is sold! Bittersweet..

I've often read that the best days of a sailor's life is when he buys a boat and the day he sells his boat. I definitely felt relief both when I sold Sudden Stops Necessary and Nixon Was Cool just because selling a boat is not that easy, but I wouldn't call it joy.

P4260017 - Copy
Had lots of life changing experiences on Sudden Stops and will definitely miss her lots. She is going to a new home in Queensland, Australia and I am sure she will be well sailed after! Bye Bye Stopsies..