Installing a KISS wind generator

Based on my energy usage projections I needed to generate some 80-100 Ah/Day of energy without using the engine. I was looking for Wind to generate about 40-50Ah, so wanted something powerful but also quiet. Typically the wind generator would be running 24X7 and didn’t want it to be noisy.

SSCA has a great equipment survey and when it came to wind generators the KISS was rated as one of the best by cruisers. So it was an easy decision to buy it. I quickly found out why it is called KISS. It was made in Trinidad and basically an alternator and a on/off switch, no regulator or anything like that.

Prepping the pole by attaching the end fittings.

I installed the pole as aft and high as I could to prevent any injury from someone standing on the deck. I used rubber seats where the pole and struts attached to the deck to prevent the vibration coming through. This was above my aft cabin as well, so want to make sure I could sleep 😉

Next was the wiring and installing the simple on/off switch. This then went straight into the house battery with a fuse in between.

The KISS wind generator working away during a passage. It worked really well and never broke down.

Total cost: Total cost was around $1o00 for wind generator, poles and wiring.

Total project time: It took one weekend.

Update in 2012 after 13,000 miles of sailing.

A wind generator is a must have in the trade winds of the north and south pacific, it delivered majority of the energy because it ran 24X7. When the wind really picked up I had to shut it down and tie the blades. It can get really noisy with high winds. I think some of the newer generators are quieter than the KISS now, so would definitely consider them next time.


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