New sails!

New sails from North finally arrive. A new 120% furling genoa and a powerful G2 asymmetric spinnaker with a snuffer that can be carried pretty deep up to 130 AWA.

I wanted a powerful easy to handle downwind sail for light airs up to 12 knots. Hoping the G2, which is the most powerful cruising gennaker from North will do the trick.

For the genoa I was debating between 135% and 120% but since my rig is fractional (ie the main does majority of the work) I decided to go with the 120%. It would be easy to handle and I won't give up that much drive. I still have my old 100% genoa which I can use in heavier upwind conditions.

Here is how I plan to use my sail wardrobe (which also includes a symmetrical spinnaker and a gale sail storm jib) for different wind conditions


Interestingly the sails were made in Sri Lanka and shipped over. Might have to sail them back there!


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