Day 21: Caught our biggest fish yet.!

At dusk we caught a 20 lb bonito on one of our Team B lures, that has never delivered before.. when it does deliver I guess it delivers BIG! Looks like it’s fish for the next 3 days until we get to Nuku Hiva. Cyrille is filleting it as we speak..

We also had our best day yet in terms of mileage, doing nearly 170 miles in a 24 hour period! The trades were blowing at 17-18 knots all night, driving us at 7+ knots on a close reach even with 2 reefs in the main and 80% jib (my attempt to slow the boat for the night).

Cooked up a potato curry for dinner tonight, looks like it will be fish curry tomorrow night.

Fishy Fishy Fishy, our B team lures delivered BIG.

All is well and enjoying the south pacific breeze!

[Post by HF radio email]

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